The Black Wattle tree is another Australian tree that spreads rapidly in open areas.  It grows up to between 5 and 10 metres in height at a very fast rate.  We have witnessed up to 2 metres of growth in 1 year!

Small pale yellow flowers are followed by dark brown seed pods and once dispersed the seeds will germinate for a few years where they have fallen as soon as conditions become favourable for germination.  Large copses of seedlings follows and it will take years to eradicate the new trees.  These trees impact negatively on our grasslands as nothing else grows between wattle trees.  Wattle trees consume huge amounts of water and as a country with limited water resources, we need to eradicate Black Wattles wherever they occur.

Suggested replacement tree:  Sweet Thorn / Soetdoring tree which will give you a similar look to the Black Wattle tree and will certainly be a lot more environmentally friendly than the Black Wattle.  The Sweet Thorn (Acacia Karroo) has been renamed Vachellia Karroo and we encourage you to plant them as they grow well just about anywhere in South Africa.

Brand’s Tree Felling can assist in effectively identifying and removing Black Wattle trees.  Contact us on 0861 708 000 or for a free quote.