The first tree that we will be discussing in our new Tree of the Month series is the lovely Aloidendron Barberae, commonly known as the Tree Aloe.

This beautiful Aloe flowers toward the end of winter.  The spikes are orange with pinkish tips.

It is best to plant this tree in bigger gardens, far from structures, as it grows up to 18m tall. The root system can cause paving and walls to be lifted, damaged or moved.

Often found in the South African garden, it creates a beautiful sculptural effect and blends in beautifully with “water-wise” plants.  It does not require a lot of watering and works best in sunny positions.

Cuttings of the Aloe can easily be rooted up in containers or even be planted directly into the soil at a suitable spot where a new plant can be grown.

Tree Aloes are “fuss-free” trees, indigenous to South Africa and we can highly recommend them as a focus plant.