August is upon us, which means only one more month left of Winter. What can you do in the meantime to make sure your trees have a good start when the growing season is in full swing?

1) Do a quick health audit

Check your trees for any visible damage or disease and trim them. During these months, when most trees have a less dense canopy, it should be easier to spot problems and health risks.
Hint: Listen for creaking – it usually indicates a crack/weak spot in the tree where wood is rubbing together. Over time, or with strong winds, these creaking branches could fall off and injure people, animals or damage property.
If you are uncertain about the safety of pruning large branches off yourself, rather call a professional. Your safety is much more important.

2) Clean up the area

Remove all dead leaves and fallen debris and make sure to pull out all those nasty weeds that will steal the precious nutrients from your plants and trees.

3) Mulch

We can never say this enough…. Mulch is amazing for your trees. It keeps moisture and nutrients in the soil, it protects against weed growth and can protect exposed roots from the harsh elements. It also helps keep heat from the sun in the soil for longer when night falls.

4) The Acidity of you soil matters

The pH level of your soil is quite important and can affect the health of your plants and trees, for instance it directly affects the quality of fruit and vegetables that your plants and trees produce. Different plants and trees thrive at different pH levels, so it is best to research on the specific plants and trees populating your garden.

5) Add nutrients, fertilizer and topsoil

Late August is great time to add fertilizer, topsoil and soil nutrients to your grass and garden in preparation for the rainy season when mother nature will wash all of the goodness in the soil down to the roots of plants and trees.

Happy gardening!