Trees have successfully survived on this planet without human intervention, however a little care at the right time can help your trees thrive. Besides, we rely on trees not only for their life-giving ability to create oxygen but also for shade and protection from the elements, as well as beautification.

A Few Golden Rules for Tree Care


Most trees have adapted to thrive in an environment where the soil is covered by about three to ten centimetres of loose debris, such as sticks, leaves and other organic matter, so it will be good for your trees to recreate this natural environment with mulch.

Keep in mind that the mulch must be no deeper than about 10cm, and it needs to spread as far around the trunk as possible (up to three times the diameter of the crown). Remember to keep the mulch a few cm’s away from the trunk itself to avoid wood rot.


Ensure to regularly water the tree – even though trees can survive for some time without water (length of time depends on species), it will give the tree it’s best chance to thrive, should you ensure that you water the tree at least once a week, ensuring deep infiltration of the water to the lower parts of the root system.
Check the Health of the Tree

Look out for these signs, and call a professional tree care specialist when you see:

• Late leafing out or early leaf drop
• Smaller leaves or a thinner canopy than other nearby trees of the same species
• Fine sawdust on the trunk or any of the branches, especially if the sawdust is found around small holes
• Large sections of bark falling off
• Large amounts of dead branches throughout the tree
• Cracks, creases, or places where the bark folds in between the branches
• No leaves on the tips of many branches, especially on top of the crown
• Signs of insects, such as webs, droppings, sticky liquid dripping from the tree, caterpillars, holes in the leaves or strange lumps on leaves or stems
• Discoloured leaves, spotty or pale leaves
• Creaking sounds, especially if the tree is large and in danger of damaging surrounding buildings