The Karee tree was previously known as Rhus Lancea.

With the cold and frosty weather most areas in South Africa are experiencing now, this evergreen and frost hardy tree will be a winner.

When most gardens are dull, drab and empty this tree will stand out with its dark green leaves and dark bark.

The Karee Tree will grow fast in well-watered areas and will still survive dry spells. In June to September it bears inconspicuous yellow flowers that will attract insects.

Male and Female plants planted together will result in fruit loved by birds.

This tree can grow to 8m height and mature trees have a weeping habit.

It is best to prune open it’s trunk to show off the dark stem.

Karees can be planted in any type of soil in most parts of South Africa. It has very strong branches and mature trees make nice natural “jungle gyms” for children.