In order to provide you with safe services, we have decided upon the following precautions to be taken to deal with COVID-19 to protect our staff and you, our clients, continuing throughout the various levels of lockdown and beyond lockdown.

All staff members have been made fully aware of the dangers and consequences of the Corona Virus. All agree with the necessity of adhering to the prescribed rules and regulations to combat the virus. We are attempting to do all that is practically possible.

During level 5 lockdown:
• Staff have been supplied with sufficient sanitisers.
• Staff have remained in lockdown with their families except for the 1 emergency team who remained isolated.
• Where necessary, food has been taken to their homes.

The following will continue indefinitely:
• Risk Assessments in-line with Government Regulations and the OHS Act have been done.
• Staff will be screened every day before work.
• Sanitizer and Face Masks will be used at all times.
• The teams work from 3 Depots: Kya Sand, Rosettenville and Krugersdorp.
• The teams at the separate Depots will not mix with each other.
• The Area Managers will avoid mixing with the office staff and themselves.
• When teams arrive at a client’s premises they will keep their distance and avoid using or touching anything on the property, where possible.
• Where needed, they will inform the client and sanitise what they have come in contact with.
• They will obey the client’s wishes regarding the Corona virus.
• All vehicles and equipment will be sanitised.
• All precautions will be taken to avoid mixing before and after working hours.
• Should you, the client, wish us to take further precautions, do not hesitate to inform the Company.

The necessity to avoid complacency is evident.