Why you should plant indigenous trees

Why you should plant indigenous trees

Whether you’re working with a landscaper or simply adding a new tree to your well-established garden, there are a number of reasons why you should insist on planting indigenous trees. Not only do indigenous trees (and other plants) have a beneficial impact on the environment, they’ll save you money too.


Here’s why planting indigenous trees is a good idea:


  1. You won’t need to fertilise them

Unless your soil is nutrient poor, you don’t need to fertilise indigenous trees. As they’re better adapted to the local climate and conditions, they don’t need the extra care nourishment that foreign species do.  You’ll save money and spend less time working in your garden.


  1. You’ll use less pesticides

Indigenous trees are remarkably resilient to local pests. Once again, they’ve spent millions of years adapting to their environment. Not only are pesticides pricey, they’re also toxic to the environment. By planting an indigenous tree, you’ll never have to expose yourself or your family and pets to dangerous chemicals.


  1. You won’t have to water them as often

There’s a very good reason why tree fellers such as Brands are called in to remove ‘invasive species’. These non-native trees and plants wreak havoc on the local environment and often use more resources than native species.


This is especially true when it comes to one of our most precious resources—water. Indigenous trees have adapted to our rainfall patterns and are far better suited to copying with local conditions. Reducing your water usage in the garden can be as simple as planting only indigenous trees and shrubs.


  1. You can preserve our natural habitat and heritage

Planting an indigenous tree is one way of promoting biodiversity while preserving our natural heritage. South Africa has more than 1700 species of indigenous trees, so there’s really no reason to consider a non-native tree.


You’ll also find that native birds and insects are attracted to indigenous trees. These species have also adapted to the type of food and shelter provided by native trees.


Think of planting a tree as investing in the future. If you want a good return on your investment, then purchase an indigenous tree. You’ll save money and time caring for it, you’ll use less water in your garden, and you’ll have a positive impact on the local environment.


To find an indigenous tree to plant, all you need to do is visit your local nursery or garden centre. Each species or family of trees has unique characteristics, so ask as many questions as you can before purchasing a tree to ensure it’s the right fit for your garden.


Keep in mind that although indigenous trees are low maintenance, they do need to be pruned regularly to maintain their health and appearance. Finding a reputable tree care professional to take of your trees is important. With decades of experience and a dedicated horticulturist as part of the team, Brands Tree Felling has earned an excellent reputation in the industry. Call Brands today for all your tree care and tree maintenance needs.