Why winter is the best time to prune your trees

Why winter is the best time to prune trees

Whether you do it yourself, or use the services of a tree care professional, pruning your trees at the right time of the year can make all the difference to their health and longevity. Trees should be pruned at least once a year, and there are three reasons why winter is the best time to prune.


  1. Your trees need less energy in winter

During winter, a tree’s development cycle slows down and it enters the dormant phase. The leaves reduce their uptake of sugars which means that less photosynthesis takes place. This is how trees conserve their energy for the spring.


If you prune a tree while it’s in this dormant stage, it will not respond by sending out new shoots to increase food production.


  1. Your trees will heal faster

Pruning branches will leave your trees with open wounds that may become a target for infections or infestations. As trees conserve their energy in winter, they have more energy available to direct towards healing from these wounds.


You’ll also reduce the risk of infection if you prune in winter because the levels are bacteria, fungus and insect activity naturally drop in the colder months.


  1. You can identify problem areas

Pruning a tree allows you to direct the growth of the canopy for the coming season. It’s much easier to identify branches that are dead, diseased or dying when the leaves have fallen.  You can immediately see the branch structure and detect weaknesses in the growth pattern that you can correct with pruning.


The more you can see, and the closer you can get to your tree, the easier it will be to carry out a sensible pruning.


If you’re keen to start pruning before the winter is over, here are some tips:


  • Use sharp pruning shears to make a cut on the underside of the branch you want to remove. Make sure this cut is at least 15cm from the main stem.
  • Next, make another cut from the top side of the branch. Make this cut about 1 cm further away from the main stem. You’ll find that the weight of the branch will do most of the work for you.
  • Finally, saw the stump off as close to the main branch as possible.


Pruning mature, tall trees is best left to the professionals. A tree maintenance company, such as Brands, will have the right equipment and expertise for pruning large trees. Once the pruning is completed, they will remove the debris and dispose of it, leaving your garden neat and tidy.


Call Brands Tree Fellers now to book an appointment for your trees and get your trees professional pruned before the warmer weather arrives.