Why it’s best to leave tree care to the professionals

Pruning tree with pruning shears

Even if you’re an avid gardener with a solid knowledge of plants and trees, you’ll appreciate that there are some chores best left to the professionals. Taking care of your trees is one of those jobs and there’s a good reason why you should employ the services of a tree care expert.


They have the knowledge

Pruning or removing a diseased or damaged tree requires special knowledge of tree biology, physics and advanced cutting techniques. Homeowners who carry out these tasks on their own run the risk of causing damage to their trees, property or physically injuring themselves.


Then again, hiring a contractor off the street is also risky. You need to do a bit of research before you let someone loose on your yard. Experienced tree fellers approach their job with complete professionalism and, you may be surprised to discover that their main concern is to do what’s best for the tree.


Brands Tree Fellers is the embodiment of such a philosophy and one of the reasons why they employ a qualified horticulturist. Felling a tree is considered a last resort and many of our clients appreciate having access to expert who can assist them with caring for their trees.


They have the right tools

Pruning a mature tree, or removing a tree from a narrow driveway or small garden requires specialist equipment such as chainsaws, cranes, wood chippers and stump grinders. It’s unlikely that you’ll have the tools you need stashed away in your garage.


Even if you had access to the right equipment, attempting such a job single-handedly is not a good idea. There’s a reason why tree fellers operate in teams of several people. Not only can they get the job done faster, but each member has a particular set of skills and they need to work together.


They have the training

Operating such specialist equipment requires training and experience. Above all, proper tree fellers adhere to strict safety standards. They are required to wear protective clothing and should have some basic first aid training. This type of work can be dangerous which is why it’s vital that you choose an established company to carry out the work.


In suburbs and cities, tree fellers often have to work around power lines, so they need to have an understanding of the dangers of electricity. A properly trained team minimises the risk of a serious accident occurring.


They have insurance

This is one of the biggest reasons why it makes sense to hire a professional. An established tree feller such as Brands Tree Felling carries public liability insurance of R20 million. It’s worth checking that the tree felling company you’re thinking of hiring has insurance, and don’t just take their word for it. Get the details of the insurance company they’re signed with and find out if their policy is up-to-date.


Although serious accidents are rare, you’ll feel better knowing that insurance is in place should anything go wrong.


They provide a good service

Sometimes getting your hands dirty is all part of the fun of working in your garden, but when it comes to the big jobs, you can’t beat the convenience offered by a professional. With a team to take care of the heavy lifting and remove the debris, your garden will be left clean and neat. You can get back to pottering around and doing the chores you enjoy the most.


The next time your trees need some attention, don’t hesitate to pick of the phone and make an appointment with Brands Tree Fellers. After almost three decades in the industry, you can be confident that they will give your trees the very best care.