Why hire professionals to remove my trees?

professional tree removal

We all have those annoying, overgrown trees or misplaced stumps in our yards that we would just like to bulldoze away! The gardener comes and we think that’s it – today is the day. It is like going through a bad break-up and acting on emotion: we cut half of our hair off. BIG MISTAKE! A mistake we unfortunately learn a little too late. So the gardener cuts and cuts the trees and we tie a rope around the stump, and at the back of your little 30-year- old “bakkie” and there you go. At the end of the day you sit with a broken car and trees with bad haircuts. That is why you need to hire a professional tree removal company.


 1.Removing trees is dangerous


Tree removal activities of any kind can be extremely dangerous, especially to someone who doesn’t know much about the art. Even when you are capable of taking care of the problem by yourself, you never know when something might go the other way. In such situations, whether it be falling out of a tree, cutting it the wrong way, whatever the case might be, you are actually just endangering your own life, as well as that of your neighbours.


2.Removing trees requires knowledge and years of experience


Sadly, as a layman you don’t know all there is to know about tree removal. YouTube videos and internet reading can only take you that far as it is limited to theory only, not practice. Professional tree and stump removal companies are equipped with skills, knowledge, expertise and years of experience in removing stumps and trees safely and securely without damaging people, property or other assets. A professional can advise on which trees to remove, what machinery to use, where too cute and how to attend to trees with roots in the vicinity of pipes and electrical systems. Moreover, they know which trees are rotten and dangerous and which should be saved – advice which is invaluable to the safety of your family and home.


 3.For the safety of your home and person


Cutting down trees, or even just giving it a light pruning, requires skill and technique. Make one wrong cut and the tree could fall the wrong way onto your home or worse- onto a person. Cut the wrong branch and limbs could fall in the wrong direction, causing inconceivable damage to your vehicle, your person, your home or worse – your neighbour’s home. All of these dangers can be avoided by using a professional tree removal company with the right insurance – in case a mistake occurs.


4.Removing trees requires proper equipment


Finding machinery to remove those tree stumps is not easy and you definitely can’t remove them without the proper equipment. Not only are they hard to find, they cost a small fortune. Once you finally spend your two month’s salary, you would still need training on how to use them. Instead of going through all of this hassle, leave it to the professionals – they have all equipment and training ready for effective use!


5.Not to mention the cleaning!


After trees are cut down and stumps are removed, you are still left with one big garden mess. If you have already done the removing part yourself, you and your family will be overworked and would still have to clean up afterwards. Let’s be honest – nobody likes to cook and clean. When hiring a professional company they take care of it all, making the whole removal process fly by smoothly and all that you have to do is enjoy a clean garden.

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