Trees – the ‘lungs’ of our earth

Climate change, deforestation, building developments and overpopulation are draining oxygen from our environment, affecting the environment and people alike.  This has become a growing concern worldwide. Trees are a vital source of oxygen – the “lungs” of our earth – and hence they are assets and an investment in countering this destructive phenomenon.  Tree plantation and preservation are non-negotiable in securing a ‘green’ future.


1.Trees capture toxins and cleans the air

Natural processes such as respirations and volcano eruptions, or human activities like deforestation, the burning of fossil fuels and land use changes, cause carbon dioxide (CO2) to be released into the atmosphere. CO2 is a powerful heat-trapping, atmospheric greenhouse gas, discharged by dying trees, inevitably contributing to global warming. Tree preservation and plantation prevents this alarming process from taking place. After having planted a tree, in the course of photosynthesis, the tree will remove the CO2 and supply the environment with fresh air and oxygen.


2.Trees sustain the climate

Trees, through leaves, regulate the climate by absorbing and filtrating energy from the sun, thereby causing reactions to the sun, rain and wind that sustain our climate. Moreover, trees can guard us from devastating winds, impact their speed and direction and act as a shield from severe downpours. Apart from their protective function, trees are also able to conserve warmth, reducing air temperature and decreasing the heat severity of the greenhouse effect. It does this by preserving low levels of carbon dioxide.


3.Trees reduce heating and other costs and boost productivity

Since trees lower air temperature, they act as a natural air-conditioner. Tree related neighbourhoods have managed to cool down by two degrees, residential heating costs are lessened by 10-15 percent and air-conditioning costs have declined by 20-50 percent. Apart from cost reductions, trees also add value to one’s property and business. Property values accrue by 25 percent when supplied with greenery and trees and employees tend to be more productive in a green environment. Both businesses and the environment can therefore benefit greatly through added value and a boost in productivity.


4.Trees improve health

By planting trees and preserving nature, we contribute toward our own wellbeing. Trees don’t merely produce oxygen, they have other qualities that improve health, such as decreasing smog, interrupting airborne particles, improving the respiratory health of a community, advancing physical activity, and finally, strengthening one’s quality of life.


5.Trees protect wildlife

As trees are many animals’ source of food and nourishment, it is crucial that that they be preserved. Trees don’t merely supply food for animals such elephants, giraffes and monkeys, but they provide a shelter and home for many more helpless creatures. Planting and preserving trees may ensure the safety and preservation of our wildlife.


6.Trees help prevent pollution and erosion

Trees have roots that reach far into the ground, holding the soil in the correct place, thus enabling it to decrease and fight erosion. Moreover, they also have the capability of preventing pollution. This is done when trees reduce runoff and sediment deposits after a storm by absorbing and hoarding rainwater. This process ensures that the storm water does not transport pollutants into the ocean or dams. Trees can therefore play a vital role in combating thereby preventing pollution and erosion.


In our developing world, today more than ever, our natural environment is at great risk. The importance of planting and preserving trees cannot be overstated. Trees, a source of oxygen, trap the toxic CO2, and then ensures that we have fresh air to breathe in. They screen us from dangerous substances and ensure that a moderate climate is sustained. Trees reduce heat and business related costs, and at the same time boost property values and productivity in business. They protect our wildlife, improve our health and avoid pollutions and erosions. The green magic: trees!