Tree Health Audit During Lockdown

Taking advantage of your Blessings of a private garden and making sure your trees are healthy

For those of you who are lucky enough to be blessed with a private garden, have you thought of doing a tree audit to assess the health of your trees? It will give you the time to be outside, taking in the fresh air for those of us who do have the luxury of a private area.

There are a few things to look for in your trees to assess their health and to see if they have any pests of or needs attention. Please, think of your community and only do this if you have a private, cordoned off garden where you will not break social distancing protocol and put yourself, your loved ones and others at risk.

Auditing your trees can help you identify areas on your trees or in your garden that need attention, and since we have a PSHB infestation wreaking havoc in South Africa at the moment, swift, early action is the best way to deal with this pest. Therefore, keeping an eye on your trees are essential. Your trees could also suffer from fungal infections, or your garden could have been invaded by alien species. All these good reasons to check the health of your trees regularly.

When a tree is healthy it displays characteristics like new growth, healthy, leafy branches and twigs that bend instead of snap when bent. The bark is strong and doesn’t peel or flake off and the canopy will have an abundance of healthy leaves appropriately colored for the season.

You need to maintain your trees to make sure that light can penetrate to the lower reaches of the canopy, and to promote airflow to reduce fungal infections. To make sure the energy of the tree is focused on the correct parts of the tree, you need to continuously remove dead or diseased leaves and branches.

You can create interesting shapes with the canopies of certain tree and shrub species, so let your imagination run wild, but always be careful not to have them “over-trimmed”. Green leaves are essential for photosynthesis.

If you have some mulch at hand, make sure to spread some of this lovely life-giving substance around – browse our blog for articles on mulch and how to apply it to your garden.

Should you discover any trees or shrubs that require trimming or cleaning up or any branches or trees that could threaten your safety or the safety of your property during your tree audit please contact us and we will be able to schedule a quotation for when lockdown is over.