Tree care tips for Autumn

Tree care tips for Autumn

Autumn tree care is all about preparing your trees for the winter. As temperatures drop and the nights get longer, your trees will need a little extra attention to see them through this season and the next.


Prune now for your winter garden

Use this time before the cold really sets in to clean up overgrowth and plan for your winter garden. Don’t hesitate to call in the tree maintenance professionals to assist you with pruning your mature trees. Pruning trees now will allow more light to reach your winter flowering plants and bulbs, ensuring that you have a cheerful winter garden.


If you have a fruit tree in your garden, hold off on the pruning until next month. In the meantime, you should clean up around fruit trees by removing dead leaves and rotting fruit. They provide a breeding ground for pests and diseases that may affect your trees in winter.


Step up your mulching

Although many parts of the country have been experiencing late rainfall, conditions will become drier. To preserve moisture and keep weeds at bay, lay mulch around your trees and plants. Mulching is essential for young trees as they are most susceptible to the colder temperatures.


For tips on the right way to mulch around your trees, see our previous post ‘Mulch Your Trees Like a Pro’.  And don’t forget that you can get your mulch from Brands Tree Felling.


Keep an eye out for Aphids

English Oaks and Conifers are particularly at risk of aphid attacks in autumn, so inspect your trees thoroughly for any signs of infestation. If you do have a problem with pests of any kind, you’re welcome to schedule an appointment with our on-site horticulturist. Francois will be able to advise you on how to deal with these pests in the most efficient way.


Recycle your garden waste

Add those autumn leaves to your compost heap along with your lawn clippings, soft prunings and food scraps. This will provide you with nutrient-rich compost that you can use to feed your trees and plants throughout the winter. Making your own compost ensures that you always have a steady supply to enrich your soil and feed your plants.


As we move from late autumn to winter, your trees will become dormant, saving their energy for spring. If you follow our tips, your trees will withstand the winter and emerge strong and healthy. Take care of your trees now, and you’ll be rewarded in the spring.