Tree care basics: How to take proper care of your trees

Tree care basics - How to take proper care of your trees

If you have a garden you probably spend most of your time mowing the lawn and tidying up your flower beds. But you shouldn’t neglect your trees, even if they don’t seem to need as much attention as the rest of your plants.


Mature trees contribute up to 20% of the value of your property, so it’s worth learning how to care for your trees properly. Here are some tips you can start using today:


Prune your trees at the right time

There’s more to pruning than simply removing dead branches or altering the shape of a tree. Pruning can affect the future growth of a tree and that’s why it must be performed at the right time. For example, pruning trees in late winter will encourage new growth in the spring when temperatures are warmer. While pruning in autumn allows for more light to reach winter flowering plants.


So before you pick up your pruning shears think about your reasons for pruning, and what outcome you want to achieve.


Use the right tools for the job

Whenever possible, you should call in a tree care expert to carry out maintenance on your trees. But if there are some tasks you feel confident about doing yourself, make sure you invest in the right tools and keep them in good condition.


Blunt shears may damage the bark of your trees; leaving wounds that could become infected or infested. Resist the temptation to remove high branches yourself. For bigger jobs, it is best to call in a reliable tree feller with both the tools and the expertise to carry out the job safely.


Beware of topping trees

Any good tree feller will tell you that topping a tree (extreme pruning) will do more harm than good. Removing all the leaf-bearing branches may cause your tree to send out multiple shoots in an attempt to increase food production and avoid starvation.


Not only is tree topping unsightly, but it could cause serious damage. If you believe that a large tree may pose a risk to your property, get a professional opinion before you start removing branches.


Give your trees sufficient water

With the right amount of water, your trees will thrive. In summer and winter, a layer of mulch can help with moisture retention which means you won’t need to water your trees as often. The mulch also helps to maintain an even temperature around delicate roots.


In summer, water your trees in the early morning or late evening. That way the roots will have a chance to soak up the water before it evaporates.


If you’re not sure what care the different trees on your property require, make an appointment with Brands Tree Feller’s horticulturist. A professional will be able to give the right advice to ensure your trees are properly cared for.