Top 10 trees to plant in small South African gardens

Being the owner of a small or medium sized garden can be challenging. Finding the best and most suitable plants to keep your garden alive can be difficult. This blog post will give you the list of the top 10 trees to plant in small gardens, thereby avoiding that struggle and having the garden you have always dreamt of.


1.Heteropyxis Natalensis (Lavender tree)


The beautiful, pale bark lavender tree with a semi-deciduous foliage, is a favourite amongst the small garden owners. With its ornamental shape, this heteropyxis natalensis species grows at a slow pace, but in due time presents its owner with an enchanting garden tree.


2.Kiggelaria Africana (Wild peach)


The Kiggelaria Africana or Wild Peach tree, is another popular choice for smaller gardens as this semi-deciduous tree can grow between 8 and 12 meters, depending on the conditions. With its stunning light grey-green foliage gardens appear open and bright. This beautiful, fast growing specimen has female and male parts on separate trees. The female tree is preferred for providing fruit for birds, attracting a host of birds feeding on fruit seeds.


3.Buddleja Saligna (False olive)


One of the most popular indigenous trees in the Gauteng region is the Buddleja Saligna tree, otherwise known as the False Olive tree. As this beauty only has a growth of 1 to 1.5 meters, it has the benefit of being one of the fastest growing trees on this top 10 list. Moreover, it does not reach an overall height of more than 3 to 4 meters in a few years, and therefore it is a perfect candidate for a small garden owner. Despite its scruffy look in time, with some pruning, it can still look beautiful in a small garden. A useful tip with regards to this tree is to plant it in a distance from pools and paving.


4.Dais Cotinifolia (Pompon tree)


The Pompon tree is a semi-deciduous tree and is considered to be on the most stunning  indigenous trees, and is steadily becoming very popular in the Gauteng region. This Dais Cotinifolia specie is fast growing reaching a height of up to 10 meters in good conditions. It is frost tolerant and evergreen with an eruption of pretty pink flowers, thereby making for a beautiful garden display in the summer.


5.Apodytes Dimidiata (White pear)


The Apodytes Dimidiata or White Pear tree with its dark evergreen foliage, grows steadily, reaching a height of 6 to 8 meters over the years. When properly and purposely pruned, it can be used as an efficient hedge.


6.Pittosporum Viridiflorum (Cheesewood)


It grows at a medium pace, but at the end of the flowering season, gorgeous yellow, edible berries blossom from this evergreen tree. As the Cheesewood tree has a non-aggressive root system, it is safe to plant it beside paving and retaining walls.


7.Dombeya Rotundifolia (Wild pear)


The Dombeya Rotundifolia or Wild Pear, is a stunning fully deciduous specie. This indigenous evergreen specimen can grow up to 8 meters long. During the summer it becomes one of the most appealing species as it bursts into masses of white flowers. Another benefit to the wild pear tree is its non-aggressive root system, making it safe to plant in the vicinity of walls and paving.


8.Indigofera Jacunda (River indigo)


This small, semi-deciduous tree sports a combination of pink and white flowers, making it an attractive and suitable tree for small gardens. The Indigofera Jacunda is a fast grower, reaching a height of 2.5 to 4 meters. When properly pruned, it can be encouraged to reach an appropriate shape. A helpful tip concerning the River Indigo is that this tree attracts birds and butterflies into the garden.


9.Heteromorpha arborescens var. abyssinica (Parsley tree)


The Heteromorpha arborescens var. abyssinica, otherwise known as the Parsley tree, is a very well-known specie in the South African Highveld. With its dark brown bark, peeling from trunks and branches, it is well distinguished. This specie can grow up to 10 meters, making it perfect for a small to medium sized garden.


10.Bolusanthus Speciosus (Wisteria)


The Tree Wisteria, a beautiful small sized tree with a non-aggressive root system is welcomed by all small garden owners. This Bolusanthus Speciosus specie grows at a medium pace and creates a stunning bluish-mauve colour during spring.