The seasons are changing once again and with warmer weather on the way it’s time to consider giving your garden a spring clean. While trees are low-maintenance, they will need some attention to get them ready for another long, hot summer. These are the chores you’ll need to focus on in the coming month:


  1. Prune to perfection

Winter is really the best time to prune your trees, but you can still remove any broken, damaged or dead branches now. If you wait until new buds appear it will be easier to spot branches that need to be removed.


  1. Rake up the debris

If you wrapped your trees with gauze to protect them from frost, now is the time to remove it. Grab your rake and remove all the debris that has collected around the base of your trees through the winter. Small twigs and leaves provide cover for insects and diseases so it’s best to remove them before problems arise.


  1. Lay down a fresh layer of mulch

As temperatures rise, mulch will protect delicate tree and plant roots from the heat and help the soil retain moisture. As it decomposes, the mulch releases essential nutrients back into the soil, improving its condition and structure. A fresh layer of mulch now will give your trees everything they need for the spring growth spurt.


Remember that you should never lay mulch right up against the trunk of a tree. This only creates problems for the tree. Read our article on proper mulching techniques for more information.


  1. Add water

In the winter, most trees enter a dormant phase which means you can cut back on your watering. However, as the weather warms up and the soil thaws, it’s important to give your trees a good watering. Follow our advice on the right way to water your trees and that way you’ll avoid giving your trees too much or too little water.


  1. Check for pests and disease

Before your trees burst into life and colour, take some time to inspect them for signs of pest infestation or disease. Aphids are common pests that tend to be prevalent in winter. Sooty mould is sign of an aphid infestation, so keep your eye out for black, powdery substances on the leaves of your plants.


If you spot a problem, call Brands Tree Fellers and schedule an appointment with our in-house horticulturist. If caught early, infestations and diseases can be treated.


A little effort now will go a long way to ensuring your trees are at their best when the summer arrives. Seeing your trees come back to life will also bring you tremendous pleasure and make giving them a little extra attention even more rewarding.