Prune Away The Winter Decay

Prune away the winter decay

To most homeowners, trees are highly valued as they lay the foundation of any landscape.  It is for that reason that most homeowners would aim to keep their trees as healthy as possible, although this isn’t always an easy task.  One thing that is very beneficial to the health of trees is pruning.  Pruning contributes to keeping trees safe, beautiful and healthy.

Tree pruning promotes tree health


When trees are pruned properly, they are stripped of all the dead or dying branches.  These are often very dangerous to your trees as well as the surrounding property and any people or animals that may find themselves in the vicinity of the trees.  Cutting away threatening branches prevents further decay and promotes a trees general health as it permits the tree to nurture the remaining branches more effectively.  Moreover, trimmed trees get better air circulation and sun exposure which are two vital factors that make for healthier trees.  Regular pruning is also a good method of fighting infections and insects that may be found in trees.  When infections get into your tree, they tend to travel to all the healthier parts of the tree, ultimately endangering the tree in its entirety.  This can be avoided by trimming away dead branches to prevent infection or further spreading.

Tree pruning improves the overall appearance and structure of trees


Trimming or pruning your trees has the added benefit of beautifying your landscape. By cutting off all of the unappealing dead branches you can clean up your tree thereby improving the aesthetics of your landscape.  This also serves to prevent the growth of unattractive broad and fragile branches.

Moreover, tree pruning prevent trees from growing branches with frail crotches which will eventually cross each other and compete for space in the crown of the tree.  Trees can also be shaped by means of pruning.  When doing this one can smooth out uneven growth patterns, thereby make the tree more appealing to the eye.

Tree pruning increases property values


Properties with a groomed and well maintained gardens, undoubtedly have an increased property value.  It is therefore vital to keep you garden spick-and-span.  One of the elements of this is to make sure that your trees are always well pruned and maintained.

Tree pruning prevents possible hazards


As tree pruning lightens a tree’s weight, it reduces the possibility of a tree or some of its branches falling during storms or heavy rains and winds.  Another reason why regularly pruned trees are considered safer is because they don’t carry dead branches.  Dead branches can fall at any time possibly causing damage to the garden below, people, animals and buildings.

Prune in Summer or Winter?


Firstly, regardless of any season, if you notice that your tree has damaged or dead branches, they need to be removed as soon as possible.  For other cases when pruning, here are a few suggestions on when you should prune:  Winter pruning is a good idea as it contributes to the new growth once spring arrives.  It can lead to your tree looking more mature and fuller in the long term.  If you’re looking to prune this winter, do so as soon as the deciduous trees leaves have fallen.  Evergreen trees can be pruned in winter as soon as the coldest weather has passed.


It is clear from the above that pruning your trees has many benefits.  Brand’s Tree Felling can assist with the pruning and trimming of your trees as well as providing advice in this regard.  Contact us on 0861 708 000 or or see our Web Site should you wish to make an appointment for a free Quotation.