Planting a new tree? How to pick the right spot

Planting a new tree How to pick the right spot

With spring on the way, many gardeners are looking forward to planting a new tree. After deciding which tree to buy, it’s time to decide where to plant it. If you’ve already taken into account the characteristics of the tree, and the condition of your soil, here’s something you might not have thought about – what will it look like from inside your house?


Why the view from inside your home matters

It may seem like an odd question, but given how long trees can live for, it’s an important one. As much as you love your garden, your spend most of your time at home indoors. Understanding how your new tree will affect the view of your garden from inside your home will make you re-consider it’s positioning.


How trees are located in relation to windows and views can have a significant impact on the value of your property. Take the following into consideration:


Blocking your view

A tree that blocks your view will make your home feel small and crowded. A good view can be a big selling point so planting a tree that blocks it could affect your selling price years down the line.


Creating privacy

You can use trees to screen off streets, sidewalks or nosy neighbours. Trees absorb sound which makes them ideal for creating a sound screen around properties on busy streets.


Planting in front of windows

Before you plant a tree in front of a window, think of how it will affect the light and warmth that penetrates your home through the year. A tree that provides shade in summer could end up blocking out the warm winter sun.


A deciduous tree that will lose its leaves in winter may solve that problem, but you should still think carefully about planting trees close to windows.


Plan for future growth

Trees need space – not just for their canopy to spread out, but also for their roots. Make sure you know how big the tree you’ve chosen will grow and pick a spot in your garden that can accommodate it. Consider the impact that the other trees in your garden could have on the new tree and make sure that there won’t be competition for space and nutrients.


New trees need a bit more care attention, so be prepared to spend some time getting your new addition established. As it grows, if you’ve taken our suggestions into consideration, you’ll create a landscape that is just as appealing from the inside of your home as it is from the outside.