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of course we can

Hotel Hope Ministries


Brands Tree Fellingcomes to the rescue” for Hotel Hope Ministries in their Melville children’s home. This children’s home, catering for 18 children, had a forest of greenery in the back garden, with trees hanging over the neighbour’s property – trees that had not been cut or maintained in ages. It was a big mess and an even bigger job, but nothing that Brands Tree Felling could not handle. They managed the job in a day and a half, cutting though all the trees, cleaning up, and without causing any damage to the surrounding property.


The Hotel Hope Ministries charity has been in existence since 2008, and the children’s home opened in 2011. They have two homes in Melville and one in Westdene that is still being built. This organisation has had 90 children since 2011 across the two homes in Melville and of those 73 have been adopted into South African families or families abroad. Most of these children are orphaned through crime, accidents, poverty and HIV and then taken in by Hotel Hope Ministries.


Hotel Hope not only cares for our youngsters, but also educates the mothers through its teenage crisis intervention in Alexandria.


Hotel Hope Ministries initially got to know Brands Tree Felling 5 years ago when Hotel Hope had a Peach tree in the back of their property that fell over. As Hotel Hope did not have the capabilities to remove the tree themselves, Brands assisted in the process. Brands Tree Felling and Hotel Hope Ministries have been joining forces ever since as they are, according to Oliver Quambusch, “ethical, honest, and don’t do it for the glory”.



Children of Fire


Children of Fire,  Africa’s First Burns Charity, has a long-standing relationship with Brands Tree Felling.


This organisation stated that they are always on hand to give advice which trees should be trimmed, how, when, and how much. Sometimes, when a tree was cracking a building or a wall, they helped to remove a tree entirely. At other times, Brands trimmed the Pride of Bolivia, the Pride of India, the Loquat tree and many more trees that Children of Fire cannot always remember the names of.


They have also helped to prevent determined surplus trees from growing back, after the boles of the trees have been destumped. Child burns survivors have also been taught the difference between indigenous and alien trees, which trees support wildlife, and those which are not so good for the environment.


“We hope to keep working with Brands Tree Felling for many more years. They are reliable, efficient, safe and their teams are well-trained, well-equipped, courteous and tidy”.