It’s easy to overlook trees when you live in one of the greenest cities in the world. However, just try imagining your suburb without its tree-lined avenues and green parks. There’s no doubt that trees make our environment more attractive and increase the value of our homes.


However, the real benefit of trees goes far beyond that to impact our mental and physical health. That’s why the staff at Brands Tree Felling go out of their way to preserve trees wherever possible.


So how do trees make us happier and healthier? Here are three different ways tree make our world a better place:


  1. Trees can make you smarter and calmer


In a study that took place more than a decade ago, a student at Michigan University conducted a fascinating study on how trees influence our cognitive abilities. Dr Bernum asked volunteers to take a fifty-minute walk through either an arboretum or a city street before giving them a cognitive assessment.


Not only did the students who walked through the arboretum perform better on the test, but he observed that they appeared to be in a better mood. Dr Bernum seems to have been one of the first people to observe what we instinctively know –spending time in nature helps us to relax and recharge.


  1. Trees make you healthier and may help you heal faster

It was a researcher called Roger Ulrich who, in 1984, noticed a pattern among patients recovering from gallbladder surgery at a hospital in Pennsylvania. The patients in rooms with a view of trees were, on average, discharged a day sooner than patients in identical rooms with a view of only a brick wall.


Since then, researchers have been fascinated with the connection between trees and human health, leading to more studies which confirm what Roger Ulrich stumbled upon all those years ago.


People that live in areas with more trees seem to enjoy better health. Whether it’s down to the fact that trees remove pollutants from the air, soil and water or that greener areas encourage people to be more active, is yet to be determined. However, the result is simply that trees do impact our physical health is positive ways.


  1. Trees make your environment more comfortable

This is particularly true in large cities where the abundance of concrete and glass can make the landscape hot and drab. It has been proven that trees can help to lower the temperature of cities.


The protection they provide buildings from the elements results in energy saving as the inhabitants don’t have to rely as much on heaters and air-conditioners. Don’t forget that trees also absorb CO2 and play a vital role in reducing air pollution in cities.


Now that you’re aware of all the ways trees make our lives better, you’ll find ways to spend more time outdoors enjoying their company. If you want to ensure that your trees will keep on providing you with all these benefits, don’t entrust their care to just anyone. Get a tree care professional to keep your trees growing healthy and strong.