How to choose a real Christmas tree

How to choose a real Christmas tree

We all need to cut down on our use of plastics, and that applies to Christmas Trees too. This year, why not opt for a real tree and when the holidays have passed, you can plant it in your garden. Not sure which of our indigenous trees would be suitable? We’ve got some suggestions for you.


Yellowwood (Podocarpus henkelli)

A conifer, with dark green and glossy foliage, the Yellowwood makes for a wonderful Christmas tree. Although it can grow up to 10 metres, it grows slowly so you can use it for several years. When you’re ready to plant it in your garden, find a cool and shady spot and it will thrive.


Outeniqua yellowwood (Podocarpus falcatus)

Looking for a classic Christmas tree? This yellowwood, with its conical shape, is just the tree you’re after. It has attractive, dark green foliage and also grows slowly which means you can keep it in a container and use it for a few years. It can grow up to 12 meters and prefers a shady or semi-shady spot in the garden.


Real yellowwood (Podocarpus latifolius)

A slow-growing evergreen with glossy, long and narrow leaves, the Real yellowwood makes for a stylish Christmas tree. It will take some time for the tree to reach its maximum height of around 10 metres so it’s quite suitable for smaller gardens.


Cape gardenia (Rothmania capensis)

You may not need to add any decorations to this attractive evergreen tree. From December to January it bears beautiful white flowers that produce a heady scent. It only grows up to 6 metres tall and prefers full sun.


Cheesewood (Pittosporum viridiflorum)

As it only grows to a height of 4 metres, the Cheesewood could be considered a large shrub or small tree. With its shiny green leaves and clusters delicate flowers, it’s another excellent candidate for Christmas. Plant it in your garden in a sunny or partially shady spot and you’ll find that birds love it.


All natural decorations

If you’re going to invest in a living Christmas tree, why not do the same with your decorations. Look around your garden for natural materials you can use. With a bit of glitter or spray paint, even a plain pine cone can be festive.


Use twigs to make a wreath and decorate it with ribbon to hang on your door. String popcorn or bake your own sugar cookies and decorate them – you could get the kids to help with these crafts.


With so many wonderful trees to choose from, you can have a real Christmas tree this year. All of the trees on this list can easily be transplanted in your garden once they’ve outgrown their containers. With a little care and love, your Christmas tree will be the gift that keeps on giving!


We’d love to see your real Christmas tree, so before the holidays are over, take a picture and post it on our Facebook page.