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The best time to trim and prune plants and trees is when they are fully dormant in late Winter, so August is the best month! Here are a few tips and techniques to follow to give your trees the best chance for spring. 1. Most plants need a certain amount of light to produce new […]

Help Save our Planet by saying NO to Single Use Plastic!

I’m sure, by now, you have seen a meme or an article on the internet about straws and their devastating effect on our environment. Single Use Plastic, specifically straws have been getting a lot of media attention. Today we will discuss single-use plastic and why it such a bad thing for us and our environment. […]

The Humble Honey Bee – What will happen if they disappear?

The humble honeybee, known for creating the sweet nectar we call honey. In recent years, bees have been discussed in the media very often and many believe that they are endangered. What will happen if they go extinct? Albert Einstein is erroneously quoted as saying: “If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, […]

Tips for Planting Happy, Healthy Trees

Trees are long term investments and bring beauty, shade and fresh air to us all. You may think that planting something means you stick it in the ground, cover it with soil and water it and hope for the best, but if you take small steps during the planting process, you can give your trees […]

Quadrastichus Mendeli: Is this species a friend or a foe?

FABI (Forestry and Agricultural Biotechnology Institute) has recently discovered a natural enemy of the invasive wasp species, Leptocybe Invasa in South Africa.   Leptocybe Invasa The pest Leptocybe Invasa is native to Queensland, Australia, but has spread to Africa, Asia, the pacific, Europe and Latin America. In fact, any country that has Eucalyptus trees can […]

Organic Christmas Trees

December is fast approaching and the Christmas feeling is already in the air. Why decorate the same old way with that same old plastic tree? There are some trees and shrubs that can substitute as a Christmas tree and once Christmas is over, it can be planted in your garden, or it can be kept […]

Caring for your Trees this Summer

Caring for your trees during the summer months is just as important as during any other season. This article will look at a few tips and techniques you can use to take care of your trees during the long, hot summer! Mulching The best time for mulching trees would be spring time, but you will […]

To Burn or Not To Burn

Spring time has arrived in sunny South Africa and this means it’s time to braai! South Africans love to enjoy the beautiful weather and environment we are blessed with by spending time outside with friends and family around the fire. Contrary to what you might think, not all wood should be used in a fireplace […]