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Organic Christmas Trees

December is fast approaching and the Christmas feeling is already in the air. Why decorate the same old way with that same old plastic tree? There are some trees and shrubs that can substitute as a Christmas tree and once Christmas is over, it can be planted in your garden, or it can be kept […]

Caring for your Trees this Summer

Caring for your trees during the summer months is just as important as during any other season. This article will look at a few tips and techniques you can use to take care of your trees during the long, hot summer! Mulching The best time for mulching trees would be spring time, but you will […]

To Burn or Not To Burn

Spring time has arrived in sunny South Africa and this means it’s time to braai! South Africans love to enjoy the beautiful weather and environment we are blessed with by spending time outside with friends and family around the fire. Contrary to what you might think, not all wood should be used in a fireplace […]

The Polyphagous Shot Hole Borer (PSHB) is threatening South African Trees

The polyphagous Shot Hole Borer (PSHB), also known as Euwallacea Fornicatus are able to cause a great deal of damage to our environment, and it has recently been discovered in South Africa. These beetles are approximately 2mm long and is native to South East Asia, which means that the beetle has no natural predator in […]

Of course, of course we can!

Hotel Hope Ministries   Brands Tree Felling “comes to the rescue” for Hotel Hope Ministries in their Melville children’s home. This children’s home, catering for 18 children, had a forest of greenery in the back garden, with trees hanging over the neighbour’s property – trees that had not been cut or maintained in ages. It […]

Prune Away The Winter Decay

To most homeowners, trees are highly valued as they lay the foundation of any landscape.  It is for that reason that most homeowners would aim to keep their trees as healthy as possible, although this isn’t always an easy task.  One thing that is very beneficial to the health of trees is pruning.  Pruning contributes […]

Why hire professionals to remove my trees?

We all have those annoying, overgrown trees or misplaced stumps in our yards that we would just like to bulldoze away! The gardener comes and we think that’s it – today is the day. It is like going through a bad break-up and acting on emotion: we cut half of our hair off. BIG MISTAKE! […]

Top 10 trees to plant in small South African gardens

Being the owner of a small or medium sized garden can be challenging. Finding the best and most suitable plants to keep your garden alive can be difficult. This blog post will give you the list of the top 10 trees to plant in small gardens, thereby avoiding that struggle and having the garden you […]

Gardening Tips for June

Winter is here and as such it is important to make sure that your garden is properly protected and maintained so as to assist it through the cold and cuddling months. Here are some tips on how to care for your garden appropriately. 1. Protect plants and produce In some areas of our beautiful country, […]

The different types of mulches

  Mulch acts as a protective barrier for your soil. It can be made from various materials which covers the soil when laid across its surface. There are mainly two categories of mulches: organic and inorganic or synthetic mulches – each holding its own advantages. Organic mulches decompose rather quickly and therefore require a lot […]