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Tree care tips for August

August is upon us, which means only one more month left of Winter. What can you do in the meantime to make sure your trees have a good start when the growing season is in full swing? 1) Do a quick health audit Check your trees for any visible damage or disease and trim them. […]


The Karee tree was previously known as Rhus Lancea. With the cold and frosty weather most areas in South Africa are experiencing now, this evergreen and frost hardy tree will be a winner. When most gardens are dull, drab and empty this tree will stand out with its dark green leaves and dark bark. The […]

Winter Tree Care Tips

We are experiencing the first cold snap of winter – trees may be dormant in winter, but they still need to be cared for since they are always exposed to the harsh elements. For your trees to have the best chance at surviving the dormant winter months and for them to thrive and grow again […]


In order to provide you with safe services, we have decided upon the following precautions to be taken to deal with COVID-19 to protect our staff and you, our clients, continuing throughout the various levels of lockdown and beyond lockdown. All staff members have been made fully aware of the dangers and consequences of the […]

Tree Health Audit During Lockdown

Taking advantage of your Blessings of a private garden and making sure your trees are healthy For those of you who are lucky enough to be blessed with a private garden, have you thought of doing a tree audit to assess the health of your trees? It will give you the time to be outside, […]

Autumn Tree Care Tips

Johannesburg is feeling an early bout of Autumn chill, with the nights getting colder as the days get shorter. Soon winter will be upon us, and trees do not have the luxury of waiting it out indoors. They are exposed to the harsh elements 24/7. These conditions can be stressful on your trees and taking […]

Henkel’s Yellowwood (Podocarpus Henkelii) – the perfect, reusable Christmas Tree

Podocarpus Henkelii or Henkel’s YellowWood originates from KwaZulu Natal and the Eastern Cape mountainous areas. It is a very neat, compact, slow growing, evergreen tree with beautiful elegant drooping leaves. It can be planted throughout South Africa. With the Christmas season approaching this tree will be the ideal indigenous and environmentally friendly tree to decorate […]

Water-Saving Tips

Johannesburg has been experiencing lower than average rainfall this rainy season and with the heatwaves we have been enduring, the Johannesburg population has increased its water usage at an alarming rate. It is for these reasons that Rand Water had implemented Stage 2 water restrictions. Being water-wise not only helps to ensure the sustainability of […]


This handsome tree is ideal for medium to small gardens and has a non-invasive root system. It seldom grows bigger than 8m tall. It is deciduous and after dropping its leaves in winter the branches are filled with drooping mauve flowers mimicking the well-known wisteria creeper in spring. The flowers are fragrant. It is frost […]